Won't compile in Big Sur - Xcode 13.2.1

I’m here with a beginner problem where XCode can’t compile which I’ve seen mentioned several times, but in different context(s). Here’s what I’m getting:

I’m pretty sure that the XCode is set correctly (ex: File > Project Settings > Build System = New Build System). Just for the information I’m on Big Sur 11.7.3 and as you see XCode 13.2.1.

Otherwise any help and suggestions would be much appreciated. BTW, I’m sure this has been discussed already, but I can’t find it here (please put a link in if so). And, if there’s another section where this should be posted, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

You can try to use OF nightly builds instead of 0.11.2
And if you are using already try to rebuild the project using project generator

I’ve tried the project generator … no luck there. I’ll have a look at the nightly build, who knows!