wireless webcam

Has anyone had any luck using a wireless webcam on a Mac? I’m looking at the Foscam-FI8918W right now, but only because it is rated well on Amazon. I don’t necessarily need the IR/night vision stuff. I thought I’d see if anyone else has used one successfully before diving into more research.

I realize that I will probably have to write something that will read in a streaming video rather than using the ofVideoGrabber library, but that sounds kind of fun.

You may want to look at Dan’s IP camera addon:

I spoke to him recently about tracking with these and he said it was possible
Keep in mind however that network traffic could create latency for real-time applications on a public network…

i’ve never tried this but i guess you could use VLC to consume the RTSP (or whatever) and make it publish as HLS (http live stream) then play it from openframeworks.

vlc is able to play RTSP i’ve tested it using a wireless ip cam DCS-2121 ,
i get a video delay of about 2 seconds maybe its only my camera
i guess using a better camera maybe an Axis should get better results.

I’ve seen the Foscam FI8908W used with Linux but not w/OF and the guys had rolled their own windowing system (it was at the local hackerspace unsurprisingly). Snooping around there’s actually a lot of info on controlling the camera (i.e. http://www.zoneminder.com/wiki/index.php/Foscam), but not much on how the frames are actually returned. I’m guessing that Dans ofxIpCam would work fine though, as long as you can access the cam, though it looks like you need to add a password field.

I wanna do a bit of spy work on my roof to see who’s throwing garbage along the road sides

I really want to see this :slight_smile: