Windows Vista problems?


I’m just specifying a pc for an installation, but most of them come with Vista now. Do you know if there are any known problems running OFW libraries under vista?


from what I hear there are two small problems, but I think they are not really major:

a) the codewarrior compiler doesn’t work on vista (have heard this, but it’s not completely confirmed)
b) nvidia graphics cards can’t do horizontal span (confirmed, alot of us have been doing 2048x768 windows using nvidia, now we need to use multimon, parahelia dual head to go, or some other solution)

this is what I know – there might be other complications, but besides that everything seems to be really ok. I am not on vista (and honestly, having spent a small time with it, don’t know when I will ever be) but all the of stuff seems to work. I am going to double check with a friend who is on vista now…

take care