Windows video playback issue with MotionJPEG / Quicktime

Hey folks,

I’m trying to track down an issue with playing back MotionJPEG encoded MOV’s with the K-lite codec pack & default OF Windows video player. I double checked that I had the recommended version of codec pack and the included Media Player Classic (which I assume uses the same codecs?) is able to play the files fine.

The problem seems to be something specific to files generated with ffmpeg—the same video produced with After Effects works fine!

Here is one that works: working movie / loops perfectly, no freeze, no skipped frames

And one that doesn’t: freezes after displaying first frame; app remains responsive, though

I traced things through the debugger and it seems to start the video fine, process the initial DirectShow events (EC_VMR_RENDER_DEVICE, EC_VIDEO_SIZE_CHANGED, EC_CLOCK_CHANGED, and EC_PAUSED) to get one frame. Then, the loop in the video player never receives another result, but no failure is reported, as far as I can tell.

I am new to working with Windows and at a lower level in the video stack, so I’m not sure what to do next. Wondering if anyone has seen this before, and what advice you might have. :slight_smile: