Windows overlay


I’m creating what could be described as the acrylic effect in windows 10 fluent. A window which is see-through and applies a blur/grain to whatever is under it.

I can make a transparent window out of OF, I can take a screenshot of the desktop with BitBlt, but if I overlay the OF window over the desktop with the effect applied, the next screenshot gets taken with the OF window too, which then doubles the effect every frame. So not what I want :slight_smile: What I’d like to do is exclude the OF window from the ‘screenshot’ every frame (so that I’d only get whatever is below it. Does this require me to capture the screen at the graphics card level or is there some other, simpler way of doing this?

I’ll try to draw it out if it’s confusing to make it more clear a bit later, but I’d appreciate help on this.

I’m on Windows with OF 0.9.8