Windows 7, WM_TOUCH messages and glut


I just got ahold of an HP tx2 MultiTouch laptop which recognises 4 fingers on Windows 7. There is a little bridge application that translates the provided WM_TOUCH messages (…-85%29.aspx) into TUIO called W2TUIO. That is however a very suboptimal solution as it requires a transparent window with it’s own (flickering) frame on top of your app, which means, no fullscreen love. That is especially bad because the framerate drops to about 20-25 in this configuration…

So I attempted to find out how to get OF to handle those messages by itself, creating an ofxMultiTouchListener handling WM_TOUCH instead of some TUIO - but I didn’t have any luck.

Any pointers as to how to grab the messages I need, while forwarding the rest onto glut?

Something similar is apparently done in an earlier version of OF here:

I don’t have VisualStudio - Theos code compiled fine in Code::Blocks but didn’t actually grab the messages …


What do testing users of the Windows 7 BETA operating system think are advantages and disadvantages? I have downloaded and will probably try the new Microsoft Windows 7 BETA operating system. First I would like to know what current users think. Are there known issues?
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