windows 7 quicktime error loading videos


this is kind of urgent, i am in the middle of a one week workshop and two students have windows 7 installed in their laptops (32 and 64 bits each). We are using OF to load some video files with different formats (mov, avi, mpg) but on those two machines it seems that ofVideoPlayer’s loadVideo() comand is crashing the app.

I can see that there is a OF error saying it is having problems starting quicktime up. There was a XP machine with the same error but installing QuickTime solved it. However the windows 7 machines continue having the same problem despite of having installed quicktime.

anyone experienced similar issues? i am wondering if this is a problem with the path, maybe it is not finding the files? or maybe quicktime is not ready for windows 7…



Hi Altern,

I’ve also had some problems getting video to work with windows 7, but not to the same extent as you. My apps run and don’t crash, but some of my quicktime movies load as garbage. this is with 64bit windows + 64bit quicktime.

My quick solution was to stop using windows 7.

mmmm… thats too bad. i cannot ask those students to stop using windows 7. I hope i will have some time today to test it better and copy the error message that the app returns when crashes.

actually this is the error we get

“sorry, there is a problem with quicktime starting up… please check!”

I think it might come from line 21 in ofQtUtils.cpp in initializeQuicktime()

		#ifdef TARGET_WIN32  
			myErr = InitializeQTML(0);  
			if (myErr != noErr){  
				ofLog(OF_LOG_ERROR, "-----------------------------------------------------");  
				ofLog(OF_LOG_ERROR, "sorry, there is a problem with quicktime starting up... please check!");  

sounds like Quicktime is not installed, but the students installed it … well i did not see it with my very own eyes but they said they did, i will have to find out today.

one question though… why does Quicktime need to be installed to open non qt movies such as avi, mpeg …?

I had the same problem, what I had to do, after installing QuickTime was to move (not copy, move) QTFC.dll from C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\QTSystem to C:\Windows\SysWOW64