Windows 10 / VS2015 / of_v0.9.3_vs_release

I have succesfully used openFrameworks on Ubuntu and OSX, and recently have aquired a new laptop which came with Windows 10 preinstalled. I’d like to stick with windows ( for gaming reasons :slight_smile: ) , but if I can’t crack it I will have to consider dual-booting with linux.

I have been trying to get OF to work for a couple of weeks now without any success. I used to use QT with OF on linux so tried that first but couldn’t get it working. Msys2 worked to a point and then gave me errors when I tried to compile examples with make. I was also getting lots of complaints about undefined reference to cxx11 when I tried to build them in QT. Therefore I assumed that I was missing the correct version of C++, but I had abosulutely no idea how to get the right one on windows having never really used it before.

I eventually gave up, and decided to go with VS after being reccomended to it by a number of peers. I downloaded VS2015, and downloaded of_v0.9.3_vs_release. I successfully installed the OF addon and the project generator works fine. However I can’t actually compile the examples and get the following error:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ctype.h': No such file or directory (compiling source file ..\..\..\openFrameworks\3d\of3dPrimitives.cpp)

OF is located in C:/Users/Public/bin/of_v0.9.3_vs_release, and the apps are generated in apps/myApps/ two below as they should be. Does anyone with Windows experience have any ideas, what I’m doing wrong?? Many thanks in advance for any advice and help!



when installing visual studio did you install the c++ files? I think they are not selected by default so if you run the installer again you should be able to add it incase you missed it. Looks to be missing the system libs from the error message you provided