Windows 10 and VSCode Setup Help!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting here but I absolutely love OF. My workflow has been to write the code in vs code and the only place I can get the code to compile is in the mingw64 terminal so I have simply been typing make and make run to get it to compile/run. Recently I was able to integrate this terminal into the vscode environment however for whatever reason it does not display cout or printf statements. I have followed every tutorial I can find to get it to run with simply the VSCode build options but nothing has worked and it is super frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated. Currently I have been trying to run the build option in VS Code however it always trys to run it in powershell which returns the error that && is not a valid statement seperator in this version. Does anybody perhaps know a comprehensive guide to getting myself set up? Also, I have tried using the project generator vscode template but this doesn’t seem to work for me either. Thanks again!