Window won't refresh

I’m on 10.7.3 (hackintosh, ATI 6870) and I’ve been having a strange issue since 10.7.2: the window will not refresh after starting the application, unless I do one of the following:

  • OF_WINDOW and move the window a little bit (either by hand or by calling ofSetWindowPosition)
  • OF_GAME_MODE, but as I’ve got 3 monitors and they all become unusable in GAME_MODE I dislike this approach
  • call ofSetVerticalSync(true) in setup() with any of the 3 modes. If I call ofSetVerticalSync(false) after this, it breaks again

So there are ways around it, but I was wondering if anyone experienced the same kind of problems.


I am having exactly the same problem on my mac. Your post kind of help me with this one but I would like to know if anyone has a more clean solution.

I have been having this problem myself as well - on two different machines. probably only since 10.7.2