Window Styles

Hi there,

I am wondering how to style my window without any native desktop effect.
I mean, when I call the OF method ofSetupOpenGL(…) and ofRunApp(…), I get a window with mac window defaults - minimize, maximize, close button and the standard chrome body. I am looking for ways to style the window a bit differently (maybe no window defaults and have my own icons for example).

I am new to OF and I am trying to go through some examples on GLUT (the default windowing toolkit used by OF) but haven’t yet encountered any such feature in my GLUT tutorial (so far).

A google search does not seem encouraging.
Can this be done using GLUT or maybe I should try my luck with some other windowing add-on.

Please let me know.

thank you for your help,


iirc ofxCocoa is able to do this.

Check here for some more info:

Thanks. The only issue that I have with using ofxCocoa is the app won’t run on windows. Please correct me if you think I am wrong.
Can I achieve the same styling using something that will work for both mac and windows?

thank you.

Ah, no. I think I may have misread your post earlier because you had mentioned OSX. Currently there isn’t any easy way to do that and I’m not even sure GLUT (the graphics wrapper that OF uses) allows you to do that. I’d try to hack something together but I don’t even have a Win machine to work on, sorry.