Window sizing MacOS

Hey All

Working with display sizing on MacOS BigSur (Had the same issue on Catalina)

Macbooks display resolution is 2880x1800

  // ofSetupOpenGL(3200,1800,OF_GAME_MODE);           
    ofSetupOpenGL(160 , 90 ,OF_FULLSCREEN);

Setting a OF_Fullscreen to 160x90 (and so does 2880x1800) the app runs in 1440x900

 ofSetupOpenGL(2880 , 1800 ,OF_WINDOW); 

This also results in the same size as 1440x900

What should be done to fill a display pixel to pixel and to for it to do so on any computer that it is opened on?


Which OF are you using?
0.11.2 should have retina disabled by default and should give you window sizes that match in ofSetupOpenGL.

NOTE: if you set OF_FULLSCREEN the width and height submitted would have no impact and you should get a fullscreen window.

Thanks Theo, Yes was using 0.11.2

This solved the issue: