Window size issue on Windows


I’m having issues setting the windows size on windows with the latest OF 0.10. I have a full HD screen and if I set the app resolution to 1920x1080 the app size is always smaller than the screen.

Have the same issue if I call ofToggleFullscreen().

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

It sounds to me as a bug.
can you please post this as an issue in github please.

Hi Roy,

I had to scale the of the screen to 125% in Windows display settings. Think it has to do with how windows scales in different monitors. Anyway think it is a Windows bug not OF.


I see, I’m not on Windows so I can’t really help much.
Is it actually a bug? or just an expected behavior from a weird setting in windows?
can you post screenshots please?

It looks like this with the default scale 100%! As said fixed by set the scale to 125% in the display settings

Also tried on a different machine and it worked normally with the default scale. So it could be a problem of my setup. Anyway the solution is above if anyone experience the same problem.

It seems to be an issue with windows then. Is your screen HiDpi? Maybe some kind of scaling is happening automatically.