Window not drawn while resizing

OK, so a little bit of a challenge here.

I want to have part of my window slide out when its needed. However, it seems like by default openframeworks does not draw the contents of the window while it is resizing.
Like so


Is there a way around this?
Please someone tell me I missed the simple boolean switch somewhere.

My related code looks like so

	//ofRectangle screenSize;  
	//bool fullscreen, showingTreeSpace;  
	//zoneTimeLine.height = 200;  
	screenSize.height = ofGetHeight();  
	ofRectangle idealScreenSize;  
	if (!fullscreen) {  
		if (showingTreeSpace) {  
			idealScreenSize.width = 800;  
			idealScreenSize.height = 600;  
		else {  
			idealScreenSize.width = 800;  
			idealScreenSize.height = zoneTimeLine.height;  
		if (screenSize.height != idealScreenSize.height) {  
			int diff = screenSize.height - idealScreenSize.height;  
			screenSize.height = screenSize.height - diff/3;  
			cout << "Changing screen height to " << screenSize.height << endl;  
		ofSetWindowShape(screenSize.width, screenSize.height);