Window glitches even when compiling empty test file

Whenever I make a new (empty) project with the projectGenerator and compile it, the window does not display the usual grey background and glitches, showing a weird repetitive pattern of whatever is behind it. I recently switched to linux mint (I ran both the ubuntu and debian scripts) and this never used to happen when I compiled my projects in windows 8.1. I initially thought it was a driver issue, but I installed the intel linux graphics driver which accompanied it without any errors, and this also happened when I tested it on ubuntu.

Is this a familiar issue? Any ideas as to where the problem originates? Any clues at all would be greatly appreciated!

No, never seen this, and it definitely sounds like a driver issue. I would recommend trying the latest Mesa drivers from the oibaf ppa:
What intel card do you have exactly? I’ve had issues installing the “official” intel drivers before, so I tend to avoid them (and they are never the latest).

Question - do you only get this with the PG? Do regular examples work fine? In which case it might be a problem with the PG, make sure you have the latest version.

Thanks for your reply.

I figured out what the problem was after a few days of tinkering. It was indeed a driver issue. For some stupid reason the official Intel drivers only support Ubuntu and Fedora, and the Ubuntu driver doesn’t work with the newer versions because of some conflict. I switched to Debian and followed this fix: Although now it only supports up to GLSL 1.3… It probably doesn’t get better than this as I’ve read everywhere that the graphics support for intel on linux is very unreliable. The graphics card is HD Graphics 5300 by the way