Window doesn't work on Rapsberry PI 3


I have just started using openFrameworks since last week.
But I recklessly decided to use this on a RaspberryPi 3.
I overcomed the trouble that apt-get does not work properly.
(by adding “conv=sync” at the end of the command “dd …” when copying img to sdcard)
raspberrypi forums
And I managed to install openFramework somehow.
I decided to make “examples/graphics/polygonExample” immediately
When I start “make” and “make run”, Terminal starts outputting text.
This seems to be working normally.
But the window does not open.
Nothing is displayed.
Where should I look at first?
And which parameter should I set?

my environment:
Rapsberry PI 3(2017-07-05-raspbian-jessie)
I’m watching the screen using the VNC Viewer on the MacOS Sierra.


You won’t see anything through vnc because everything is rendered on the gpu through opengles.

Try connecting a monitor to your raspberry pi.
If it’s not spitting out errors you should see some visuals.


Thank you for your reply.
I had not understood well about the relationship between VNC and OpenGL.
I can see the desktop , and windows such as browser.
I had thought that the output result of OpenGL is displayed in that window too.
For now, I will look for a monitor that can be connected via HDMI.
I will report the results in a few days.


I can understand. The normal desktop (and almost all the apps) run in the softwarebuffer. But things like openframeworks and Minecraft render straight to the gpu so the pixels would have to be copied back from the gpu to the cpu. (not impossible I think but probably very slow and unusable for vnc )

Good luck finding an HDMI-monitor.
And enjoy learning openframeworks!


I could connect by HDMI.
Under that condition the sample was indeed working.
I’ll enjoy learning openFrameworks.
Thanks for the advice.