wind - an outdoor installation

hey everyone,

i’ve just gone through and edited a bunch of video together for a submission for my project ‘Wind’, so i thought i’d share. i’m not a visual artist so it’s not a visual project, so bear with me through the weirdness…

Wind takes a live video feed from some long grass or tree leaves moving in the wind and sonifies it. the resulting sound is then played back through speakers that are placed in the grass or in the trees. the idea is to make it seem as though you are listening to the sight you are seeing, as though there’s a soundtrack going on to this natural phenomenon, but actually the soundtrack is part of the environment itself. it’s digital art that’s trying to make the digital go away, in short.

the project involves a computer vision component written in C++ using openFrameworks 0.04 with the ofOsc and ofOpenCv addons, and an audio component made with Pure-Data. all source code and pure data patches are available here, although the C++ source is uncommented and messy, and kind of useless without the video feed, which is the whole point :wink:


image (from the first version, during a residency with New-Interfaces-for-Performance at O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor, Portugal):

project page:


hi damian. thats a really nice project.

nice to see that you were in Espaço do Tempo, i was lucky to be there for a week about a month ago and loved it :slight_smile:

hey, thanks

yeah, Espaço do Tempo is a gorgeous place, even for Portugal, which is a particularly gorgeous country anyway. if it wasn’t so hard for me to get a visa there i’d be living there now…

this is beautiful

yea I think that is the correct word! beautiful! idea is quite simple… but implementation is very nice… could be interesting to have a couple cameras from different angles and generate true surround sound with 4+ audio signals into multiple speakers etc…