WIN32_HIGH_RES_TIMING 'timeEndPeriod': identifier not found


I am on Windows 7 x64 using VS 2008 SP1, of_prerelease_v0061.

When uncommenting #define WIN32_HIGH_RES_TIMING
i can no longer build the movieGrabberExample because of these two errors:

1>c:\of_prerelease_v0061_vs2008_fat\libs\openframeworks\app\ofapprunner.cpp(73) : error C3861: ‘timeEndPeriod’: identifier not found
1>c:\of_prerelease_v0061_vs2008_fat\libs\openframeworks\app\ofapprunner.cpp(97) : error C3861: ‘timeBeginPeriod’: identifier not found

Does anyone know why those two system functions are not found?


yup, got that too, on both Code::Blocks and Visual Studio…
would be cool to know how to fix