Wiimote (or wii remote) on OSX


I’m thinking about creating a Wiimote addon for OF on OSX ( there already seems to be wiiyourself for win: http://wiiyourself.gl.tter.org/ )
I also saw that memo made an app to catch the Wii input and send it through MIDI ( http://www.memo.tv/wiitomidi-mac-osx-mi-…-r-wii2midi ) but I want to access the wii data without midi in-between.

So I thought I could add to the Darwiinremote framework and make it an OF addon for OSX. Did anyone do such a thing already?

I need to do blob tracking on an IR light with a wireless camera. That’s why I think the Wiimote might be a good idea…


I’ve used Darwiinremote on 10.5 before and it worked quite well. I haven’t checked into it 10.6 but I’ll give it a try this evening and post my project. You just need to send it over OSC and use the ofxOSC addon to receive data from the darwiinremote instance. According to the sourceforge forum for Darwiinremote it seems to be ok.

Hey joshua,

Thanks for the reply. I think OSC should work fine, but I was thinking more about bypassing the whole OSC part and just create an addon that wraps the darwiinremote framework and makes it accessible directly from C++ / OF.
I know that you can use C++ in Objective-C, but I am still researching the other way around…

I’ve put together something pretty simple that I unfortunately can’t test as I’m travelling and don’t have my wiimote with me, but maybe it’ll be helpful to you. I doubt it’s going to work as intended yet but when I get home in a few days I can test/debug it. In the meantime though, it might be helpful.

Note the WiimoteController, ofxWiimoteArgs, ofxWiimoteOSX files.


oh wow! thanks!!

I’ll check it out immediately!

any news on this?
I looked at the remotDemo.zip source, but couldn’t get it to work. If any one of you ever tested and/or debugged the code I would be really interested in seeing it!


[quote author=“mcloister”]any news on this?
I looked at the remotDemo.zip source, but couldn’t get it to work. If any one of you ever tested and/or debugged the code I would be really interested in seeing it!


I only had a quick look at it and haven’t been able to get it to work either. For my project I needed fast IR lights tracking, and I switched to PS3eye + IRfilter + openCV. If you don’t need to work wireless, this is a very solid and cheap combination in my experience.

good luck,

Wow, I let this one drop. I’m once again without my wiimote, but maybe I can scare one up. The only thing you need to do is send events from DarwiinRemote and catch them in your OF application, all the hard work is done by DarwiinRemote. All the OF application needs to do is catch methods from the sendWiiRemoteButtonEvent() by setting the ofxWiiRemote object as the delegate. That’s the part that I got wrong and I’m sitting at a Win7 machine right now so I can’t even test it, but if someone is interested in looking at it more closely that’s a good place to start.

That said, pacesetters solution is just as good if you don’t need the wireless capability.

Hi Joshua,

I´m trying to create a multiplataform (windows/mac) application to work with the WIImote and the darwiinremote solution does´t work in windows, and although there are other solutions such as glovepie i´m interested in developing a solution based on open frameworks.
I tried to download your file but it´s not available any more. Can you please share it again ?


I was working with wiiuse on linux and OS X. It is a cross platform lib to access the wiimote directly, without the need of a middleware such as osculator or darwiinremote.
Unfortunately i haven’t had the time to make a proper addon. But let me know if i can help you somehow.

Hi Thomas,
It would be very interesting to have a cross platform add-on for wiimote. I do use middleware for the WIImote but there is no cross plataform solution. I´ve tried wiiuse but with no luck. Can you share your procedure!

I am still enjoying my holidays, but i will put it on github next week.

Thanks Thomas.

Do you have multiple wiimotes? I only have one, so I am not able to test it very well.

Thomas, I was away for a while.
Yes, I have multiple WIImotes with Wire and Wireless Nunchucks. For now, just want to work with one.
If you share the code I might try with several WIImotes and give feedback.

Sorry, I totally forgot that. I just put my code on github (https://github.com/thomasgeissl/ofxWiiuse).

Be aware it is not very stable. I only needed to get the buttons working on an OS X machine. If I remember correctly there were some issues with motion sensing.

Feel free to file issues on github.

Thank you Thomas, I´ll try it out and post the experiment result

Hello Thomas,
I was trying to compile your wii add-on and I found that you are including wiiuse.h.
Then, I download the wiiuse from rpavlik repo but I get multiple errors when compiling.
My questions is, are you including wiiuse inside ofxWiiuse ?
They work together ?

ofxWiiuse just provides a simple interface, internally it uses functions provided by the wiiuse library.

I try to compile it next week, when i have access to a windows machine, ship it with the addon and update the addon_config.mk.
But I probably won’t have time to fix the bugs.

I see!
Got to compile wiiuse, but I´m getting multiple errors in Xcode including undefined symbols for architecture i386.
I´ll check it out also.