WiFly data to OSC

I’m able to read a data-stream from a WiFly RN171 using a shell with telnet 2000. This works very well also with the [shell] object in Pd.
Can I create a app in OF that receives the data from my WiFly and send it again in OSC format, so that it can be used in other programs?

Thanks Martin

Sure you can. What you need to do depends on how you have used you wifly. If you configured it to send udp you can check the incoming messages with the udp receive example. From here you can create an app with ofxOsc and recieve udp and then send osc out. You can also send OSC directly from the wifly and even multicast it to several machines.

This library for arduino will get you going. The example will re configure your wifly every time and thus can make the arduino start up slow. You can change this by editing the library though.

Great, thanks.
The OSC option, sending data directly from the WIFly, is what I need. As I work with SuperCollider this avoids that an external application has to be used, so theoretically the dta transfer is faster and smoother.