Wide Aspect ratio OpenGL FOV issuse

Okay so i’m using an Eyefinity Setup with the following resolution 7680px x 1080px; this makes my aspect ratio 64:9, My app is a simple 3DModelLoader with 4 models. Each of the screens. Now what happens is that the 2 middle screens have perfect perspective however the two monitors in the ends (4 monitors in total) have a skewed/streched out image after searching online i understand this is happening due to the OpenGL FOV, any ideas on how i’d fix this attached below is a picture of the issue.

i was just pointed out that it looks to be the fisheye effect and i could pull the camera back any ideas on how i can do that? The only thing that comes to mind is.

Okay managed to fix the issue by switching to orthogonal projection.
heres the code

glOrtho(0, ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight(), 0, -ofGetHeight(), ofGetHeight());    

This has to be in the draw() before any opengl transformations