Why my webcam is activated when I built


Hi there, Im a beginner and I just want to ask if its ok that when Im building mi proyect the webcam activate by itself? or how I can turn it off? Or why it is that turn on my webcam.?


no, it is not normal.
Although, if you let us know what system you are using we might be able to give you a hand.


Hi! Thanks
Im using Xcode in a Macbook Pro 2012 with macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6


What project are you building?
Does it happen as well if you build any of the openFrameworks examples?
If no, is it possible that you’re using the camera without noticing?


Im building an example openFrameworks projects because I’m starting to learn this but I notice that my webcam turn on when I push the botton built, I open the primitive 3D figures examples that comes in the carpet.


that is normal the 3d primitives example has a mode in which it uses the input from the camera to texture map the primitives so when it starts it opens the webcam to grab the video in that mode


thanks a lot