Why my application wont open on other Macs?


I’m taking the .app file from the bin folder to a different Mac computer but went I double click on it the icon starts jumping and then stops and nothing happens, I’m using 10.6 SDK on my Build Settings and trying on Macs with 10.7 onwards, it works fine on mine and my wife MBP but thats about it, on all the others wont open.

Any help will be much appreciated!


Seguro que ya lo has mirado, but maybe your are loading something in your app from data folder…

Yes I’m ready a font file from the data folder that is included in the .app bundle, is that the reason why is not opening on different computers?

try to move the app from the bin folder in your machine to see if its working

hombre, es una buena posibilidad que no puedas cargar esa fuente y por eso pinche el app

Already did that, if I try on my MBP moving the file from the bin to the desktop it works fine and it also works on my wife’s MBP but it doesn’t work on any other Mac


maybe you can try uninclude the font in the app and move all the bin to see if works, and if its a problem related to embed the font

likewise, does a simple app (empty example) work on both machines?


check the console with the Console.app. Perhaps you’ll find some pointers what is going wrong. Perhaps your app is linked against a lib which is not available on the target-macs.

There are a lot of reasons this can happen. The bin / data folder is a great start. If that’s not the problem, double check the OS X deployment target and a) make sure it’s the same for the openFrameworks project and b) at whatever base OS X you want to support (e.g. 10.6 if you want 10.6+). Also, make sure you compile as release!

This is rather embarrassing, the reason the app didn’t work on any other Mas than my wife’s and mine was due to the fact that I was downloading the app from the dropbox site, the file downloaded as a .zip but dropbox saw them as a folder so I think getting the files that way corrupts the integrity of the .app bundle some how…

Thanks everyone for the support!