Why isnt poco zip lib included in install?

Seems Poco Zip would be very useful. The include files are there already, just cant link because the .lib isnt in the libs directory.

What platform are you using? It’s been missing from a few of the builds for a while.


It is included for codeblocks / MinGW (and every other build except for emscripten and VS), but isn’t included in the VS build. I’m sure this was just an oversight at some point. We’re planning to upgrade POCO for the 0.9 release, but you might leave an issue on the issue tracker just to make sure we don’t forget. That said, the current Poco version is 1.4.3, so you could generate it and drop it in the libs/poco/lib/vs folder …

Or perhaps someone around here has a copy they could share?

cheers , yeah i will probably just try to build poco and do that. Unless someone shares it :slight_smile:

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tried to upload here but it says im a new user and cannot. oh well. Wasnt too hard , had to download poco (all version) , then build foundation and zip in static_debug and static_release ,then copy over the files as you said.

I just upgraded your user status, if you want to try to upload it again. Even better, perhaps you could submit a PR to the core with the added library so it will be available to all by default … ?

files (going to look into submitting PR now -not exactly sure what that means yet :stuck_out_tongue: )PocoZipmd.zip (529.7 KB) PocoZipmdd.zip (1.7 MB)

PR = Pull Request.

Basically you create a fork of the openFrameworks repository, clone it to your local machine. Drag the files in to the correct place, add and commit the files, push the files back to the server and then hit the submit pull request button on github.

Those instructions were probably completely unhelpful :smile:

Here’s a better staring point:


Feel free to ask questions about PRs, etc. We’re always happy to have more developers …

ok i did it ( i think) , https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/pull/3102

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