Why is flagImageChanged() private in ofxCvFloatImage.h?

Hi all, I’m using some openCV calls on an ofxCvFloatImage. I realized I need to set the image as dirty after I’m done for it to draw correctly; and I found the flagImageChanged() method. Great!

But I also realized that “flagImageChanged()” is defined as private in ofxCvFloatImage.h, so I can’t use it! I modified the header fiel myself to make it public, but I’d rather not have/use a “hacked” version of OF.

Is there a reason for this method to be private? I don’t really see why, especially when it’s defined as public in the superclass…

thanks for this great platform!

good catch!

the fix is in the svn:
svn co http://svn.openframeworks.cc/addons/ofx-…-/ofxOpenCv

hey, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: