Why has MotionJPEG been deprecated in ofVideoPlayer


ofVideoPlayer apparently doesn’t support MotionJPEG anymore.
For video scrubbing I always thought that MotionJPEG is the ideal compromise between an acceptable file size and a light codex. I know that it’s quite widely used for these purposes.

Why has MotionJPEG been deprecated? What is the best alternative? AppleProRes422?



This is an apple decission i guess. we moved to the new apple api in osx, AVFoundation, since everything else is now deprecated or not compatible anymore with 64bits and some codecs might not be supported by apple.

not sure if you can install them somehow or what’s the alternative. i guess using nay format but setting the encoder to generate keyframes for every frame should have the same effect as using MJPEG, effectively an image sequence.

HAP seems to also work pretty well and with ofxGStreamer you can use any format that ffmpeg supports, MJPEG among them but it requires installing gstreamer in every machine where you want to use it

Thanks for the helpful explanation, Arturo!