Who runs the emscripten binary?


I have been using oF for a while now and have a good understanding of Cpp but have zero understanding of anything relating to web beyond superficial knowledge of html + js.
I am interested in using Emscripten to build oF apps to run in the web. What I do not understand is: does my website (server) have to provide the computational power to run the web app (the webassembly binary compiled via emscripten) or can it be handled on the client side and by which what I mean- can the computer of the person visiting the website.

I don’t know if this is a basic or advanced question I don’t know anything about the technology behind the web.

Emscripten runs in the client’s browser; what happens is they download the wasm binary like any other piece of media on the web and their browser interprets the file.

As a side note while you build your app, while you can do a lot of the same things, keep in mind though that some things you can do with oF may not be available on the web, some stuff off the top of my head

  • Compute shaders
  • 3D textures
  • Geometry shaders

I’m sure there’s more.

@sortofsleepy at least shaders (with GL ES) are possible to use with Emscripten. I made some Emscripten pages with OF and shaders, for example: https://videoplayer.handmadeproductions.de

Right - I never said you couldn’t use shaders at all, just Compute and Geometry ones since those don’t exist in WebGL

@sortofsleepy my fault. Did not know Compute shaders and mixed them up with fragment shaders…

Thank you - this helped me immensely. I do undertand the limitations of Emscripten/webgl but my needs are not very intensive. It is just to have some interactive apps on why website. I will study more about networking to see how to connect the different clients to perhaps create an interclient interaction in apps.