Who knows when 0.9 version release?

0.9 version is so importment for ios because of 64 bit needed.
but it has passed two month i wait it.
who can tell me when ?

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I’ve been waiting for 0.9 release as well.
It says it’s currently 95% complete. So hopefully we can expect it to happen next month.
Until then, you can use the OF nightly builds which you can build on iOS with arm64.
I think it’s already working pretty well on iOS. I just hope someone could fix the device orientation issue on iOS8 though.


Hi @tsin, if you are an ios developer who uses openframeworks, why not help work on the remaining issues for 0.9.0 release? This really is a community effort.


Like @bakercp said the progress typically goes faster when we have multiple parties working towards the releases. The newest update has some significant changes hence the change to 0.9.0 rather than 0.8.5. As far as I know this is all pro bono as well so its hard to devote a ton of time and at least for me my contributions fluctuate between daily and weekly.

I’m not trying to make excuses but just highlighting how important it is for the community to contribute to the cause :wink:

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It looks like it should be fixed now: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/pull/3865

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@tsin, you should note how respectful the OF devs are, specially compared to some open source projects in which developer support is rather rude. And they have all rights to be so, because a lot of them are self-managed and give you their work for free.

Do try to run the current master branch and see what’s not working, reporting that on github is probably going to help already.


Hi, @procedural

I tried the iosOrientationExample in current OF nightly build, but it still does not work properly.

If I use iOS7 simulators, it works. but If I force to change orientation in iOS8, I see the blank area in the right side.
It seems that iOSViewController’s location is not properly set when you force orientation to ‘Portrait’ when you are in ‘Landscape’ mode.

Also, if you run in iOS8, in the setup, it always gives the opposite value of ofGetWidth() and ofGetHeight().

I once posted about this issue.

I just posted regarding this.