Who can port ofxiPhone to Android (paid)?

Hello great OF-people,

I just finished and submitted my first ofxiPhone app to the App store. Its a cute small puking app (see attachments), built for a Dutch publisher of children’s books, belonging to a bigger multi-faceted publication to survive the long backseat journeys in the coming summer holidays. The book is already finished, some other android apps are finished too.

The publisher and I are now looking for someone who can port my ofxiPhone code to OF+Android and put it in the Market (and do so asap). It’s a paid job, but nothing too crazy as the openFrameworks code will essentially remain the same.

I would love to figure it out myself, but I can’t as I’ll be traveling may 31-june 4 and june 6 till the end of june. And again, the the app needs to be in the Market asap, as they currently can’t sell the book.

Please reply to the thread or email me (dev at eelke dot net) if you can help out!


EDIT: Location is of no importance and understanding Dutch is a nice plus but definitely not a necessity