which version of openni and nite can get ofxopenni work out ?

hi, im trying to use kinect, and i’ve download ‘gameover’ 's ofxopenni addon. and get it compiled in vs2010, but i cannt get any image or tracked user data. when i call opennidevice.setup(), it tell me:

[ofxOpenNIDevice[0]:notice] Init context...  
[ofxOpenNIDevice[0]:error] Context could not be initialized  

i’m now using openni2.0.0 and nite2.0.0
do i need to change to other version or i need to copy some config file from example? for the documentation doesnt tell me how to do with vs2010, and im using the mac version for it.
and how to uninstall previous version of openni and nite.

I’ve been avoiding OpenNI 2.0 and Nite2.0 completely. I’m not sure but I’ve read they changed the API completely and only support the Microsoft SDK. I’ve been playing with OpenNI from source and Nite binaries on Linux.

judging from the fact that there’s an open bug report about openni2 compatibility, I doubt that it would work with openni2: https://github.com/gameoverhack/ofxOpenNI/issues/28

I just recently managed to get ofxOpenNI, OpenNI and NITE to work, but I used the 1.5.* versions (although on linux, not windows)

thanks, and one more question…
if i use nite1.5.x and openni 1.5.x do i need to hands up to let kinect find user joint?
for i use nite1.5 and openni 1.4 i have to…

Most of times, using Openni, Sensorr Kinect 1.0.25 and Nite .15.2.21, when I press the tracking button my skeleton gets tracked without raising my hands. The most problem is that sometimes when i get to close to the device the skeleton get frozen and I have to close the program or stay with the calibration pose for a while to get tracked again.

Anyway using that openni version the error “Could not open file mapping object (2)” appears in console for each update(); event. I had to overwrite Openni to to fix this error, but sometimes the frame rate falls for a while, which is quite annoying :frowning: