which version of opencv is used

hello forum

i am trying to figure out which opencv version is used with openframework?

i am trying to use comments like cvShowImage but they are not recognized but they should be under version 2.0.

is there a tutorial on how to update OF to use opencv 2.0 ?

thanks so much,


it’s opencv version 1.1pre.

But I think it should be no problem to compile version 2.1 and use it with the OF opencv addon. Use the forum search – there are already some forum entries about that topic.

cheers m9d


i have been trying to install the new opencv 2.1

i followed step one in the tutorial but that’s it.

please, can someone tell me how to make it now work with OF.

i searched the OF forum but could not find anything on how to install the new opencv.

thanks a lot,