Which target to choose with OF to submit to App Store ?

Hi there,
I read a lot about that here but I didn’t succeed yet.

Especially, this doc is nice : http://support.testflightapp.com/kb/tutorials/how-to-create-an-ipa-xcode-4
But I don’t know which scheme to choose.

My App has an universal target because it is for iphone/ipad

If I choose the scheme empty examples > iOS Devices … it failed by complaining about the file libofxiPhone_iphoneos_Release.a which isn’t there!

If I choose iPhone+OF Lib Project > iOS Device … it succeeds and add that stuff into organizer.

The second option (iPhone+OF Lib Project > iOS Device) is the good one ?

Please confirm me that

Many thanks

You should definitely build the emptyExample target. The other target is the target of the openFrameworks Xcode project included in your own project. Click on emptyExample (top left of Xcode), click on Edit scheme. Click on Archive and make sure the Build Configuration is set to Release. Check your codesigning (both in project and target settings), make sure ‘Skip Install’ is set to Yes on the iPhone+OF Lib project as well as the iPhone+OF Static Library target. Click the Product menu and choose Archive, and after building the archive should show up in the organizer. From there on you can pack it as an IPA and upload via Application Loader.

While testing yesterday, I had messed a bit those things with “skip install” parameters.
Indeed, it has to be YES only for the target of the included project.
Many thanks Daan to have confirmed me the process.

… now I have the project in the Organizer :smiley:
I hope to be able to send it for reviewing.
(I saw it has to matched a record you have to do before the upload in itunes connect)

I’ll probably post a huge note on my blog http://julienbayle.net detailing only the hard steps and quoting the others.