which sensor do i need for making this?

hello, this is a question about sensors, look , i need to put a sensor in a tree, the idea is when somebody get near from that tree the sensor can notice it.

so which sensor do i need that allows me to know when a person is near a tree?



Proximity sensors such as Ultra-sound or IR would work, but they won’t be terribly accurate (they will tell you if someone is there, and to a certain accuracy, how far they are from the sensor, but not “where”, since these sensors have a rather large beam spread)

I think about a similar show.

And i think about garden detector.

Did you succeed, and what did you use ?

I would like to learn more about these kind of performance
which technology ? how many sensors can you put on a computer, and what (which input card) do you use to get sesors datas ?

How does it work ?

Many questions, know that… Thanks


The Arduino platform is one of many that will work for this purpose; getting sensor data into a computer or processing the sensor data on the board itself. Check out http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/InterfacingWithHardware#Input to start with.

Example projects are all over the internet, here you can see some of them; http://arduino.cc/blog/


Thanks. I was thinking about it.

I’ve made something a bit similar.

We hooked up an Ultrasonic Range Finder (SRF05) to an Arduino board and send the values to Processing to do some stuff.

I still have the Arduino sketch if interested.
Good luck with the project!

Edit: Here is a small preview http://sdekeijne.com/blog/?p=331