Which OSX SDK does OFX support?

Seems like ever since I updated xcode, and lost my 10.6 sdk, I’ve been unable to compile almost any of my projects. My question is this: which OSX SDKs are supported by the latest version of OFX?

Do I NEED to have the 10.6 SDK in order to compile OFX projects?



What kind of errors are you getting and what is your system info, & OF version?

My sys info:
Mac OS X version 10.7.5
Xcode version 4.6
OF version 0.7.4
My projects Build Settings are :
Architectures : $(NATIVE_ARCH)
Base SDK : Latest (10.8)
OS X Deployment Target : OS X 10.7

Try to change the Base SDK to Latest and OS X Deployment Target of your project from Xcode.

OK I was running OF version 0.7.3, and I just upgraded to 0.7.4, so far I’m not having compile problems like I was before.

One error that I was getting frequently before was:
“clang llvm 1.0 error”

My sys info:
Mac OS X version 10.8.3
Xcode version 4.6.1
OF version 0.7.4