Which Orbbec camera would you recommend?

Hi folks,

Most of the conversation regarding Orbbec products I could find in the forum were talking about Astra vs Astra Pro. And I also saw that there were an issue with Astra Pro which while provide higher resolution for pixel color data, would require different pipeline to access (via ofVideoGrabber instead of the one coming with the addons). Would this means that to map color data on to the point cloud data would need extra amount of work? I used to use very early version of depthkit (while it was still called RGBDtoolkit) and the calibration process is quite tedious. Would the Astra Pro requires similar process?

However, I don’t think I saw anyone on the forum mentioned the Parsee yet. The version that comes with small linux computer built in. So I wonder how you guys OF community would recommend which one over others (Astra vs Astra Pro vs Parsee). Even purely preferential comments are very welcome.

The use case that I have in mind right now, aside from normal interactive tracking & point cloud stuffs, is to use it as a 3d gif photography camera. So something with contained package like Parsee sounds preferable for going out and shoot. Now that I’m at it, I’m wondering if anyone every try running OF on the Parsee? (since I think it ships with Ubuntu). Or would Pi3 + Astra or Astra Pro would be more preferable? (it’s totally going to be bulkier but also exchange for upgradablity…) I think Parsee comes with more powerful processor than the Pi3 but maybe try that for now and gets much better when Pi4,5,6, comes around?

Orbbec product page:


(Pro color data issue discussed at the bottom of readme.md)

Any input would be super appreciate!