which is the best opencv

Hey there,
I’m new to OF,
Ive used opencv a few times and am wondering which is the best OF addon for opencv. I’m using osx 10.7 and would *hopefully* be using using opencv 2.4 on 10.7 (osx).
can someone point me in the right direction?
thank you

ofxOpenCV is the “stable”, official OF addon; ofxCv is a smart rewrapping of the library with a lot of handy helper functions.

Both come with examples and, if you’re familiar with plain OpenCV, you should have no problem using both of them, but if you decide to go with ofxCv you should keep in mind that:

  • it’s still in development and may change over time
  • there is probably less documentation out there, so you’ll have to figure out stuff looking at the source code

That said I’d suggest to try both and decide what feels nearer to your coding style.

also, should point out that ofxOpenCv was really written around the opencv “c” api, and ofxCv is based on the “c++” api (which is much more recent, from opencv version 2.0+). That means that ofxOpenCv was designed to be more of a larger wrapper (smarter image types like ofxCyGrayscale image) that encapsulate much of the opencv core inside, whereas ofxCv is more a translation layer, allowing you to do things like blur an ofImage quickly.

Zach, can I ask which OpenCV version the ofxOpenCV is written on then?

ofxOpenCv comes with both the old c style OpenCv and the new c++ OpenCv 2; the “classic” wrapper classes, like ofxCvImage etc are built around OpenCV 1.0, but you can use direct OpenCv syntax.