Which is equivalent to CGPoint(mac) in ubuntu?

I am trying to compile https://github.com/hagino3000/KinectJesture in ubuntu and I am new to OF It is failing because of CGPoint. Can someone please help me to find out the equivalent of CGPoint in ubuntu.

In file included from src/hand.cpp:10:0:
src/hand.h:46:2: error: ‘CGPoint’ does not name a type
src/hand.cpp: In member function ‘void Hand::update(ofPoint, int, ofPoint)’:
src/hand.cpp:53:50: warning: operation on ‘((Hand*)this)->Hand::jestureFiredCount’ may be undefined [-Wsequence-point]
src/hand.cpp: At global scope:
src/hand.cpp:88:1: error: ‘CGPoint’ does not name a type

CGPoint calcMousePosition();

CGPoint Hand::calcMousePosition() {
float x = currentPos.x;
float y = currentPos.y;

x = max(0.0, x*100.0/640.0-15.0f);
x = min(x, 70.0f)/70*100;
y = max(0.0, y*100.0/480.0-10.0f);
y = min(y, 70.0f)/70*100;

CGPoint pt;
pt.x = x/100*displayWidth;
pt.y = y/100*displayHeight;

return pt;

You seem to have erroneously posted twice. I have removed the other, identical, thread.

Planning to use XWarpPointer from X11/Xlib.h.

Did you get it to work in ubuntu . I am also trying to do so pls provide some guidance . I am new to X11