Which Features for Turn Based Games

I want to build towards making a turn based board game. May I get some hints on where to look?



If you want you can check out my code .By the way its not that neat & good and needs improvement in someparts.
The game is partial pacman :smile:
Here is the link - https://github.com/manish-juneja/my_pacman
Hope it helps. enjoy :smile:

Thank you! Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Manish : there’s nothing worse than the wrath of engineering exam :slight_smile:

Maybe you could simply a lot of your code by using two pngs : the level graphic, and a hitmap (to tell mr pac man where he can go and where he cant)

Yeah i could have used background image instead of the ofRect() functions, but coding rectangles was soo much fun when i started and yes can you please elaborate on how could i use hitmap and how would it be easier? I really want to know because i am quite new to making video games .Thanks :smiley:

Actually I think hitmap is a totally improper word :slight_smile: What I meant is for instance you can have a black and white image that match your game configuration, white being the wall, black the space where your player/ennemies can go. You don’t show the image, but when you’re doing some sort of hit test detection (to decide if xxx can go in the direction they want to), instead of having the full configuration in memory you can lookup your hit test map and decide if its ok or if there’s a wall. (This way if you want to make walls that are not rectangle, it will work as well)

Think of your future self looking at the code in two years, wondering why you pick the value 157 in your for loop or why the 17th point is {480,40}

It feels easier as instead of having to code an enormous array of data, you can have a nice image. If you want to make a harder level, it seems easier to make two new artworks versus adding 500 more points to your level.

I’m not a game designer, so my advice are worth what they are ;p