Which environment

Which free environment would you recommend to use for Windows, dev c++ or codewarrior?

I think the easiest to get started with is dev-cpp:


It’s a very minimal compiler.

In contrast, visual studio is really quite complicated. It’s very powerful, but not always easy for a beginner to navigate through the menus.

I personally use codewarrior for the most part, which is a non-free compiler, but it’s being discontinued. It’s kind of in the middle between dev-cpp and visual studio in terms of complexity.

the downside of dev-c++ is that it’s not always easy to find libraries that are compiled for it. there is a website called devpaks, where you can download libraries for dev-c++, but if you use visual studio or codewarrior, you may find a more active supply of compiled libraries. there is also, I think, a way to use dev-cpp but changing the default compiler (to something other then mingw). This could be quite useful to deal with this problem.

the other downside of dev-c++ is that it’s kind of quirky. For example, if you try to delete a nested folder structure from your project, (at least in my version) it will crash. I’ve gotten kind of used to the quirks.

With all of the downsides we still recommend dev-c++ for getting started - it’s a very quick download, and the steps that you need to take to get up and running with OF are pretty minimal.

hope that helps!

  • zach