Which distribution is the best for rPI3?

hello, everyone! recently I bought a new raspberry pi 3. but I cannot choose the distribution.

even I read installation guide for tiny arm boards, I cannot choice what is the best distribution for raspberry pi.

I’v tried with different combination. burning whole days for this steps :slight_smile:

- Debian Jessie x oF093_armv7(OF/scripts/debian)

install dependencies / codec : success
compile_OF : failed

- Ubuntu Core

boot failed. maybe something wrong with writing to SD card process… I’ll try later.

- Ubuntu Mate 16.04 (hard float) x oF093_armv7 (OF/scripts/Ubuntu)

install_dependencies : failed // force install with apt-get -f option, and retried. works.
compile_OF : failed.

- Debian Jessie lite x oF093_armv7(OF/scripts/debian)

install dependencies / codec : success
compile_OF : failed

- Debian Jessie lite x oF093_armv6(OF/scripts/debian)

install dependencies / codec : success
compile_OF : success

I didn’t tried with archLinux yet. but I want to use debian or ubuntu for apt-get command.

is there anyone who running openframeworks on rPI3 successfully? or any tips?


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arm6 and Raspbian is the recommended/supported version for all models of the RPI

@jvcleave is Raspbian full optimized with armv7? setup document saids it’s not.

I have tried Arch/arm7/RPi3 and in certain cases (mostly GPU stuff) it was actually worse when working with the than Raspbian/arm6/RPI2. If you are looking for specific optimizations (namely NEON) and willing to recompile a lot of things from scratch you are better off sticking with Raspbian/arm6.

Arch doesn’t support 64bit on the RPI3 either at the moment.


@jvcleave thanks for share your experience. it’s lots of help!!

also the only distribution which is tested and supports armv7 is arch linux