Which camera for Live 360 feed?


I was wondering if anyone is familiar with 360 video cams that interface with openFrameoworks. I’m on mac and would like to keep using a mac, but if solution works on other systems I’m flexible.
Can you share your insights?

I saw there was an old topic by @fresla mentioning a 360 live stream to an oculus back in 2014:


Hi, I used a spherical mirrored lens in front of a high quality camera, it was still not that good, you need about 6k of pixels to have a clear image. These days things are pretty different there is a lot to stuff available. Here is a nice box that accepts multiple cameras and stitches them:

It needs to have a bunch of cameras but it will work well. Otherwise a lot of the consumer stuff streams over wifi and for sure you would be able to catch the stream somehow, you can also try roll your won with opencvs stitching functions, or a few of the other 360 cams have an HDMI feed,

Here is camera that does it all


There are plenty of others too, if it has a real time HDMI out then it will be easy to use.


Thank you, great info!

After some research I might consider this: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/562010

It seems to support HDMI output that is definitely what I’m looking for: