Which addon works best for an ofxIphone GUI?

Hello all,

I am trying to create a GUI for an ofxIphone app.

My GUI lib of choice is SimpleGuiToo; I have several simple examples that build fine on my laptop.

When I attempt to use SimpleGuiToo in an ofxIphone project, I first add

ofxXmlSettings, and

to my Xcode project.

When I try to compile, I get many errors similar to:

addons/ofxMSAInteractiveObject/src/ofxMSAInteractiveObject.h:96: error: 'ofEventArgs' has not been declared  

Has anyone used any GUI lib for an ofxIphone project? I’m not tied to SimpleGuiToo, but I’ve had no luck with Todd’s SimpleGui for 006, nor a basic example of ofxEasyGui for my laptop (and I’d like to use the same GUI library for my laptop as for the phone).

Cheers and thanks in advance for your help!


almost every gui uses the event system which uses poco a new library included in 006 that is not in the iphone as it’s really big. that’s why you can’t use simpleguitoo in the iphone

Ah, I didn’t realize poco wasn’t included in the iPhone OF distribution. Is there a way to add it to maintain compatibility between GUIs for the phone, and GUIs for a laptop?

If not, what is the best practice for writing a GUI for the phone? Will this be the project that finally forces me to learn ObjC to wrap native GUI elements for the phone?
(please let there be another way!)


hey. yea the problem is poco like arturo says. Actually I would really love to make ofEvents independent of poco, and have a very lightweight custom backend to it. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it in the near future, but if you wanna have tackle, go ahead! :wink:

alternatively you could use iphone ui of course… (but they are a bit slow on top of an opengl view i’ve found)

fyi, it is possible to get poco on the iphone:


which would help make event stuff work… I don’t know what kind of overhead that brings, but it could be useful at least to give it a try.

even if it’s big, but you don’t use much of it, with proper linking flags I guess you’d only link against what you need, right?

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I take it that the lack of Poco has an impact on this?


This is actually quite frustrating. Alternatively, a way of tying ofEvent into multi-touch would be awesome. Hmm.