Where to study openFrameworks and openCV


I’m new and I have a few questions. I’m currently in Santiago, Chile and have a degree in civil industrial engineering and I’m looking for information regarding where can I study openFrameworks, openCV, Processing, arduino and all that would be state of the art. It would be great for me to be able to extend my degree into these applications that I find fascinating.

I have thought about going to Germany but I could choose any part of the world really.

Please help me choose my next career move xD

Hello I have the same question exactly one year ago.

I´m from Argentina and I´m a Psychologist. So for sure you have a better background than me one year latter.
With the book of Daniel Shiffman It toke me no more than two month to learn processing and start using it for my projects. After that the switch to openFramework it´s really easy. I mean, you can learn processing, oF and arduino at your home by your own or on workshops with others. (There are a lot of new ones at Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago … most of them free!)
If your goal it´s to extend your degree… may I ask in what direction? arts / programing? I think Parson it´s a great reference institute in the art/design fields. Or ITP on the NYU. And MIT it´s definitely the place to study new robotics and cutting edge technology. On both you will probably ending knowing every thing about processing, oF and arduino (and much more). But the difference it´s on perceptions over the process and the final product you make.
I think that´s the clue for your big next step.
The best wishes and good luck with it!! enjoy the process!!


Hola Patricio Gonzalez y gracias por la info =D

Well I’d love to combine arts with a lot of technology, for example, gesture recognition, facial, motion capture. A friend and I have managed to make a bunch of sketches with motion detection via webcam, but it was too slow, so I took the jump onto openFrameworks now.

At the moment I’m studying german and would like to go to Germany, but MIT seems like a very solid choice according to what I’ve been reading,

I thinks it might be a very good idea, to have a comercial overview of how all these applications really sell, in order to make a living out of this.

Also haven’t seen any advanced Processing workshops here so I kinda bought a few books and started programming stuff, but I really want to go proffesional now.

Are there users here who are currently in program like the one I’m looking for?

thanks again =D

I have a background similar to yours and Patricio’s : I did not study informatics (I have a degree in semiotics) but coding has always been part of my life and became my main method to earn a living.

In the last years I managed to work mainly on interactive installations and computer vision, but this world is really small (even if the interest is growing); if you add the economic recession you should expect to never find 2 consecutive jobs in the same corner of the planet and you’d probably better be able to offer also alternative services (like web design, computer vision based security, etc).

Learning this stuff can be tricky too: the concept of coding as an expressive medium is still kind of new and a lot of universities that try to teach it are either too much tech and no theory or too much theory and no tech. I’m sure there are exceptions and you should go on looking into the MIT and probably also contact Zach who is one of OF creators and teaches this stuff academically and is often helding OF workshops around the world.

My last two cents is that making generative media is a neverending learning process and a state of mind: you’ll probably learn the most interesting stuff while studying on your own apparently unrelated subjects that click together all of a sudden and, of course, while hacking, hacking and hacking some more until the sun come up :smiley:


Hi guys apart from going to college to study openFrameworks and openCV would you recommend any online courses as I learn best whilst studying at home?