Where to start with live interactive webcam/kinect effects?

I’m currently researching how to build something out similar in concept to Todd Vanderlin’s project here: vanderlin.cc/page/feedback I haven’t been able to find much on their process for building something like this online. Basically I would like to generate graphics through live movement.

I’m not even100% if xcode would be the way to go for this, or if I’d be better off using another tool altogether.

Its all doable in xCode! Look up the webcam example files and go from there. If you want to use a Kinect then use the ofxKinect addon (there should be example files in there as well), there are 2 versions depending on the Kinect model you have.

Good luck!

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Please check my vimeo profile if this is something that you have in mind:

Awesome stuff Kazik, your work is really inspiring. I’ve sort of shifted directions with my project, focusing on isolating a single movement of an object on camera and having that movement be traced in a 2D space, if that makes sense. I made another post going into a bit more detail here: