Where to start?! (face recognition, load images, fading objects, sound)

Hi guys!

I’m a little bit lost on an installation piece I want to do. I started 2 months ago but had to stop and meanwhile only now it was possible to restart it again. This is for a university project to my Graphic Communications course at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Basically what I want to know is how do I:

  • turn application on when people get near installation (using kinect camera);
  • fade objects, like text and images;
  • grab face of a person near installation and how should I place it in part of the screen;
  • play a sound while fading between images;

So any help that I have to make this possible will be amazing.

A mockup image for the room I want to install is:

For further explanation what I’m trying to do I made this presentation to my class, you can download it http://www.bzin.net/ficheiros/Presentation%20Emmaline%20Pankhurst.pdf (1.9MB).

I also created for the first time in github a repository https://github.com/bzin/ofPortraitExpressionPankhurst

Sorry if this post is a little bit long but I just want some help on where to start, any addons that can help me execute the things I mentioned above.

Thanks in advance,
Ruben Nascimento

your best bet is is to take a look at the examples and copy/modify them to get the functionality you want for each piece and then try and combine them into one project/application You will also want to take a look at ofxKinect in order to work with the Kinect.