Where to put openFrameworks

I realise it may not make that much difference, but is there a suggested place to unpack the main oF download, both in Windows and in Linux? This seems to be missing from the installation guides, unless this is just a symptom of too little caffeine.

there’s absolutely no difference, you can even move it around, as long as you mantain the folder structure inside and your projects are created in apps/some_folder/project_folder. you can have the of_preRelease… folder wherever you like.

However, I have tried many times to use code written by others but each time, I seem to fail to successfully place it where it can see all the necessary libraries in order to compile without errors within my own OF setup.

I am experienced with Processing so I am not a novice in programming as such but this has been somewhat frustrating. I have found the same on both Windows XP and a Mac (Leopard)

I knwo this is my lack of knowledge of C++ stucture probably

I am very keen to get on and use OF and I very impressed with what has been done with it but there are barriers to my development at present

I would have attended a workshop at Goldsmiths by Arturo and Joel but this was only open to students there

ShinyR (Richard Colson)

its easy to just copy the empty example found within your examples directory (within apps) and place it in a new map created within apps. You can replace the existing code with the code you use, and add any new files to your project afterwards. The linking might be frustrating, but I think its the easiest way of creating a new project.