Where to get OF for VS2013 and C++11

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to compile a OS X OF project for Windows, using VS2013. The OS X project uses a recent nightly built supporting the C++11x standard. I downloaded the current nightly built for VS but the project generator doesn’t seem to work - it simply generates nothing in the Folder specified. Also, the example projects do not contain VS project files.

Is there a version available (e.g. a less recent nightly built) that support a) Visual Studio 2013, b) C++11x and c) contains a working project generator?

Your help is very appreciated!

there’s a bug in the latest nightly build that can be easily fixed.

in projectGenerator/data/settings there’s 2 settings files, if you remove projectGeneratorSettings.xml and rename projectGeneratorSettings_production.xml as projectGeneratorSettings.xml it’ll work

this will be fixed in tonight’s nightly builds

btw, the nightly builds and next release, won’t work with vs 2013 but with 2015

Thanks arturo for this really helpful answer. Is there also a built for VS2013 that supports C++11 that would save me from migrating to 2015?

no, we never supported vs2013, someone compiled the libraries for 0.8.4 for 2013 but not for 0.9

Are there features in VS2015 that will be needed to run the latest version of oF that arent in VS2013 (or 2012). Not everyone can keep up with the latest VS version unfortunately…
Thinking of C++11 features that wouldn’t be fully implemented in older version of VS or third party libraries that would’t compile easily…

Edit: and is there a list of the exact version of the libraries being used + eventual homemade patch somewhere ?

The problem is that the binary libraries we pack with the release are not compatible among versions so we have to decide which version to use. If we chose to stay on 2012 there would be people who would also complain because they would like to use the very latest version.

Also you can have several versions of VS installed on your machine anyway and with the apothecary scripts it’s relatively easy to compile the libraries for whatever version you have installed.

So that link is not up to date ? current OF apothecary lib support

Well, if it’s relatively easy to compile and have multiple version of VS installed, wouldn’t it make sense to support all the version people are likely to have ? I’m thinking of people who cannot use the free version for licensing issue or have a pro license for whatever reason and wouldn’t be able to upgrade to the latest VS. Last time I tried to compile the things myself it took me a day and I ended up with half broken libraries here and there. And I kind of knew what I was doing; someone less experienced would be utterly lost. (well, if people in this situation are a really small minority, I understand why it wouldn’t make sense though…)

Bottom line: I’m probably stuck with vs2013 and I’ll compile the libs if I have to and share them with whoever needs them (with no warranty that it won’t blow up in a mysterious use case I haven’t met…)

Yes compiling libraries is always a lot of work even with the apothecary script, we have 8 platforms to maintain right now and none of the main developers uses windows on a daily basis so it would be too much for us to maintain one more version.

If you want to compile the libraries for vs2013 and help maintain that version over time we could look into including it as an official release