Where to find addons that aren't on the addons page?

Hey folks,

Just taking a look around oF - it looks totally awesome, and makes me very happy, as I’d just started the daunting prospect of putting together my own solution based on sdl. Thanks to everyone involved!

I’m hoping to use oF to create a game which will make use of SVG and Box2D. A search on the forums seems to indicate that there are already some addons which supports SVG load/display and wraps box2D, but they aren’t on the addons page - where do I find them (and new addons in general)? Is there a place that lists them all somewhere?

Another question: I may want to rasterise my vectors - i.e. something like the functionality of antigrain. Is there a planned addon for this, or maybe a wrapper for antigrain itself?



Unfortunately, beyond the addons page, there is not a standard place to find new addons. They are user created and contributed, so it is up to the authors themselves to list them on the addons page or otherwise provide a download location. Many users do have their own websites or SVN/git repositories which provide downloads of their own addons, but your best bet is to look through the forums to find the latest versions and information on the addons you need. It is unfortunate that this is the state of things, but it is what it is.

I don’t know of any vector rasterization addons… but I honestly have not done any work with vector graphics. Wrapper addons for existing libraries are always great to see! :slight_smile: If you are up to it, this could be a very useful contribution to the community!