Where to add flags for compiling make files linux

Hey there,

currently I am setting up of 0.8.1 for my new projects and like to use only make files in the future.
I wanted to add some comiler flags like -ljack to use rtAudio comiled with jack support, but now i am bit confused about the struktur of make files in of and where to add flags in the best way. I found the make files under /of_v0.8.1_linux64_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon but i am not sure where to add my flags.

Can someone give me a hint?

i think i found it. just in the config.make file in the project folder. but i am not sure where to add what. I think i have to add -ljack -lpthread -lrt and UNIX_JACK or UNIX_JACK. But i am not sure where exactly. Any Ideas? I get severall undifined references to jack_… errors.

I tried: PROJECT_CFLAGS =-ljack -lpthread -lrt
PROJECT_LDFLAGS= -ljack -lpthread -lrt

the errors look like:

RtAudio.cpp:(.text+0xfbd): undefined reference to `jack_activate'
RtAudio.cpp:(.text+0x1029): undefined reference to `jack_get_ports'
RtAudio.cpp:(.text+0x106c): undefined reference to `jack_port_name'

and so on…

that should work for most libraries but since rtaudio is a core library probably it needs jack added in a specific order since it depends on it, in which case you will need to modify the core makefiles, usually the ones in the platform forlder, so in your case: makefilesCommon/config.linux.common.mk

Hallo Arturo,

good hint. I simply had to add jack in the config.linux.common.mk like this: PLATFORM_PKG_CONFIG_LIBRARIES += jack
I tried the same for fftw which i like to use, but it didnt work. I again get reference Errors on that…

I solved that via adding th following to the config make in my projectfolder: USER_LDFLAGS = -lfftw3f