where is the 'glBegin' 'glVertex3f' 'glEnd' and 3d_drawing support?

I want to draw 3d picture on ofxAndroid, and this is the code.

int step = 2;
for(int y = 0; y < h; y += step) {
for(int x = 0; x < w; x += step) {
ofPoint cur = kinect.getWorldCoordinateFor(x, y);
glVertex3f(cur.x, cur.y, cur.z);
but when I build the project using ndk-build, error as follow:

ofsample/jni/testApp.cpp:112: error: ‘glBegin’ was not declared in this scope
ofsample/jni/testApp.cpp:117: error: ‘glVertex3f’ was not declared in this scope
ofsample/jni/testApp.cpp:120: error: ‘glEnd’ was not declared in this scope

so, I search the whole of project using keyword ‘glBegin’ ‘glVertex3f’ ‘glEnd’, There is no define.
is there something wrong, or OF has no glBegin’ ‘glVertex3f’ ‘glEnd’.

in the wiki of OF, I found this :

Drawing 3-Dimensional Shapes
Drawing a 3-dimsional shapes (cubes, spheres, meshes, etc.) is a little bit more complicated … and openFrameworks currently doesn’t support it. If you want to draw a cube, you have to specify each of its part … the top, bottom, left, right, front and back. You can do this in OpenGL or in openFrameworks (using the ofBeginShape and ofEndShape functions). Here’s an demo of how to draw a cube using plain old OpenGL.

are the OF have support 3d drawing?


opengl es, (android, iphone…) don’t have glBegin, glVertex or glEnd. it’s been deprecated and even it’s used in normal opengl is not recommended.

the new version of OF has support for 3d with ofBeginShape/ofEndShape and also through ofMesh if you need something more complex

thank you very much

is there the example function?

I know how to draw 2d, but how to draw 3d picture?